Service and repair of legacy cryosurgical devices

Cryosurgical devices are subjected to extremes of temperature and internal pressures, when in use and during routine sterilisation and cleaning. Internal components are prone to wear and tear and require replacement periodically.

Many of our clients’ favourite cryosurgical devices are no longer supported by the original manufacturer. These older devices work perfectly well and provide the users with familiarity, as well as excellent and predictable clinical outcomes for their patients. Therefore, fixing a device, as opposed to replacing it, is sometimes preferable.

Our experienced engineers are able to service and repair many types of legacy systems, both gas based and liquid nitrogen based. We see a wide variety of cryosurgical systems where the original manufacturer has long since disappeared: the Spembly Portable Cryo Gun (PCG), Cryopac Consoles and Probes, Lloyd Neurostat and Probes and various handheld liquid nitrogen sprays, to name but a few.

We hold stocks of many common spare parts. If required, we are able to re-manufacture more specialised or custom components, to ensure these systems can perform reliably and safely for many years to come.

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