Case Studies

If you’d like to find out more about the types of cryogenic design and engineering projects which we currently carry out, then have a read through some of our case studies and product profiles. We have highlighted particular projects and products from our experience which we thought would be of most interest to anyone who’d like to find out about our work.

Cryosurgical Probe Stems

Nu Perspectives specialises in the design and manufacture of cryosurgical probe tips for clinical applications ranging from ophthalmology to pain management.

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Modular Pneumatic Control Systems

Nu Perspectives is experienced in the design and manufacture of modular control systems for various pneumatic applications for pressures ranging from just a few PSI to over 100 bar.

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Reducing costs to produce a new probe connection system

We were approached to develop an intuitive, easy to operate mechanism for connecting and disconnecting a range of reusable and disposable cryosurgical probes to and from the control console for a leading ophthalmic cryosurgical system.

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Designing and developing a brand new cryo device for pain management

We were approached to design and develop a new medical device for cryotherapy and pain management. It involved combining nerve stimulation and cryotherapeutic technologies within a single revolutionary medical device.

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