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Cryogenic consultancy growing in a pandemic – The challenges

Author: Louise Cuff   |   Date: 14th June 2021

Last year was challenging for all of us in many different ways. In a time marred by so much devastation and loss, we wanted to write about something positive. Not to gloat but to share a little hope.

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Emerging cryogenics markets

Author: Elizabeth Thomas   |   Date: 6th April 2020

These are exciting times for the emerging cryogenics markets. It is becoming enormously popular as a treatment choice for many surgeons and cryotherapy proves to be extremely effective in treating cancerous tumours, retinal detachments, treatment of Morton’s neuroma and plantar fasciitis, cardiac surgery and pain relief.

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Expanding our in-house manufacturing and fabrication facilities

Author: Louise Cuff   |   Date: 24th October 2019

At Nu Perspectives we are continuously looking for new ways to improve the service we provide to our clients. We identified a need for expanding our in-house manufacturing facilities which would enable us to manufacture many existing, and new products, that we currently outsource.

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Medtech shortage in cryogenic engineering expertise

Author: Louise Cuff   |   Date: 10th September 2019

In the UK, large scale companies working on industrial cryogenics projects, often have their own in-house expertise. In contrast, smaller medical device manufacturers struggle to find trained professionals with precision engineering skill and cryogenic expertise. Because of this, many manufacturers seek specialist cryogenic consultancies to plug the gap.

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Darren’s sight saving cryosurgery

Author: Louise Cuff   |   Date: 6th June 2019

At Nu Perspectives we design, manufacture and test cryoprobes and one such probe is a device we worked alongside Keeler to design and develop.

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The treatment of liver cancer by cryoablation

Author: Elizabeth Thomas   |   Date: 28th April 2019

Some twenty years ago a surgeon called Tim Allen-Mersh, was pioneering a method of freezing cancerous tumours with liquid nitrogen. The method involved inserting a probe into a tumour, via a needle and freezing the tip to create an ice ball.

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Dealing with the challenge of coupling design for cryogenics

Author: Louise Cuff   |   Date: 25th October 2018

All engineers working in cryogenics, struggle with the challenge of coupling design. It’s important not to waste liquid nitrogen while keeping the liquid cold enough to work quickly. That’s why Nu Perspectives set about creating a brand new coupling design.

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