Tubular Laser Welding Service

Our high-tech laser welding facility provides an accurate and cutting-edge solution to your micro and tubular welding needs. Nu Perspectives has been working in the medical industry for 15 years. In this time we have honed our skills and created a process that doesn’t just provide the highest quality of product, but also complies with all regulations and is backed up by our ISO:9001 certification.  

We provide a 100% traceable service, leaving you in the knowledge and peace of mind that everything is made and assembled with quality in mind.

As part of our traceability we are able to offer weld analysis which includes sectioning and measuring weld cross sections and providing photographic evidence as verification. This level of traceability allows us to work closely to a drawing or specification.

With a minimum spot weld of 0.2mm we are able to provide a high precision weld like no other. We weld autogenously using a focused micro pulsed laser beam and specialise in welding medical-grade stainless steel (304 and 316). We also have the capability to weld other metals such as: Titanium, Steel, Gold, Platinum and Silver.

Our automated rotary chuck and argon shielding are perfect for tubular welds. We have spent a lot of time developing aesthetically good finishes and deeper welds to maximise the strength of the weld which results in increased durability and safety of products. Our weld depths vary depending on the part and size, however as a general rule were are able to weld the full depth of the tube wall and even into the material inside the tube.

Our facilities allow us the capabilities of accepting jobs of all sizes, whether they are a few hundred products or a few thousand.

We don’t just stop at laser welding; we can offer the whole package, including design for manufacture, surface finishing and pressure testing. Our in-house pneumatic pressure test facility is capable of testing at pressures of up to 2000 psi; providing accurate leak and strength testing for quality assurance. We also have media blasting and polishing available in house. This means we are able to provide a wide variety of surface finishes and offer a fully finished, ready to sell product.

Nu Perspectives boasts a growing team of highly skilled and trained individuals including design engineers who can provide detailed and accurate designs which take into account modern manufacturing methods. Our team consider all elements of process, testing and manufacturing constraints to facilitate a smooth journey from design to production; this means we can offer a package of designing and manufacturing your product to your exact and specific requirements. This includes, but isn’t limited to, creating jigs (such as bending jigs for tubular products) to ensure your products are manufactured accurately each time.

Need someone to source your materials for you? We have a brilliant in house supply chain management system with a list of companies providing high quality product and quality assurance. We do rigorous checks to ensure a supplier meets our high standards and can provide evidence or certification to prove this.

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