Bespoke cryogenic instruments for probe stem assembly

At Nu Perspectives we pride ourselves on finding bespoke solutions to cryogenic system problems, in-house. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes.

We manufacture cryogenic instruments and one of the items we produce for probe stem assembly, required a time-consuming and labour intensive gluing process.

Previously, the process involved applying glue to a tube and then pushing a glue collar on over the glue. The collar had to be worked into position, whilst applying glue, which in turn created an excess of glue.

So, we decided to improve and streamline this process by creating some bespoke tools for ourselves.

Using our precision engineering skills, we created a tool that was able to hold all the parts together. Therefore, allowing us to directly inject the glue into the void between the stem and glue collar – reducing any glue mess and making the whole process much quicker.

We are always looking for efficient ways to solve cryogenic manufacturing and production issues. In this case, creating our own tools has considerably reduced assembly time and ensured consistent results every time.

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