Precision manufacturing of cryosurgical probe stems

Nu Perspectives specialises in the design and manufacture of cryosurgical probe tips for clinical applications, ranging from ophthalmology to pain management. These products develop extremely low temperatures at the tip, via the circulation of high pressure cryogenic gases.

We are highly experienced in the manipulation and welding of thin walled hypodermic tubes and we use this knowledge to produce innovative design solutions. These products are carefully engineered to provide specific tip shapes, and profiles, that are matched to our clients’ particular clinical applications. Precision manufacturing is required to ensure that pressure and flow characteristics are optimised. Probe stems are designed to safely withstand extreme conditions, in terms of internal pressure and temperature.

In order to assure product quality and safety, probe stems are pressure tested in-house using specially designed fixtures, to several times their normal operating pressure.

Traditionally these items have been incorporated into reusable medical products, and materials have been carefully selected to withstand many sterilisation cycles.

Nu Perspectives has also developed probe stems for disposable devices, which have lower manufacturing cost, but still need to meet very exacting safety and reliability requirements.

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