Skills & Services

Nu Perspectives is uniquely placed to offer a full range of cryogenic engineering services helping our customers to reduce risk and have great confidence in the work we produce. We are passionate about providing all the cryogenic engineering expertise you need without the risk of trying to manage that in-house. Our turnkey approach means we can handle all of your cryogenic engineering, design and production simply and easily.

Precision cryogenic systems

Cryogenics design and engineering drives our passion here at Nu Perspectives. We bridge the gap between elegant ideas and engineering reality in the world of cryogenic medical technology, by working on a variety of precision projects - from simple products through to complex complete systems. We are able to work with both liquid nitrogen-based systems and gas-based systems thanks to our unique expertise as we are highly experienced in designing and creating parts which can withstand both extreme cold and high pressures.

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Engineering with liquid nitrogen

We are absolute specialists in engineering systems which rely on liquid nitrogen, taking that risk and worry away from our customers. Liquid nitrogen is incredibly difficult to work with due to the extreme cold temperatures and it destroys many traditional materials – however, we are the experts who work with liquid nitrogen every day. We are using it currently as part of our research and development programme, looking at new cryogenic systems for clients using liquid nitrogen instead of gas-based systems.

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Concept designs for manufacture

We take great pride in using our unique knowledge to drastically reduce the design and development timescales of new projects for our clients using our “design for manufacture” process.

By using Solidworks 3D CAD in our design and engineering projects it allows us to visualise parts and assemblies early on in the process, and means complex designs can be properly evaluated – saving our clients’ time and money.

In fact, our verified 3D CAD data can be used to manufacture prototype parts, production tooling, and to produce rendered images of near photographic quality. This means all of our clients can have total confidence that our designs will translate into finished pieces which work perfectly.

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Integrating electronic systems

We always want to do the very best for clients at Nu Perspectives which is why all of our electronic systems are designed in-house by our own team. Many of our client projects require electronics integration, from simple interfacing to embedded microprocessor control systems using the latest ARM technology. We design our own PCB layouts and are able to produce fully assembled and tested PCB's and we fully document and test all electronic elements.

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Prototyping and manufacture

Prototypes are invaluable for clients who want to review the design, gather feedback, implement changes and carry out qualification testing. That’s why we have developed strong prototyping and production capabilities in-house. We also partner with a carefully selected team of suppliers which means we can offer an even wider range of manufacturing capabilities for our clients if needed.

We are able to develop and provide full working prototypes within short lead times to make sure we offer our clients the best possible service and we always work under the full ISO 9001:2015 accredited quality system.

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Pneumatic systems design and testing

At Nu Perspectives we have expertise and knowledge to improve the performance and reliability of high pressure pneumatic systems. We are great at developing complex manifold systems which cuts out the need for more traditional piped connections. We can also pressure test assemblies and components in-house to fully validate our designs – up to 138 bar (2000 PSI) using Nitrogen gas. Our test equipment is fully calibrated to UKAS limits and we are able to supply certificates for all testing.

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