Skills & Services

Mechanical Design

This is a core skill for Nu Perspectives and  is usually central to most of our design and engineering projects. We use Solidworks 3D CAD which helps to dramatically cut down design & development timescales. It also enables early visualization of parts and assemblies whilst allowing complex designs to be properly evaluated giving increased confidence. Our verified 3D CAD data can often be used to manufacture prototype parts and even production tooling as well as being used to produce rendered images of near photographic quality.

We have wide experience in designing machined components, plastic moulded parts, sheet metal fabrications, laser welded assemblies, mechanisms and manifold systems. We perform rigorous verification on our designs including tolerance studies, FMEA, DFM and even strength calculations where safety is critical.


Electronic Systems

A significant proportion of our projects involve a degree of electronics integration. All our electronic systems are designed in-house. These can range from simple interfacing or sequencing controllers to embedded microprocessor control systems using the latest ARM technology.

Embedded control software,  developed using the Keil uVision IDE,  is fully documented and tested. We design our own PCB layouts and are able to produce fully assembled and tested PCB's.



Manufacturing & Support

We have a good range of prototyping and production capabilities in house and where necessary utilise a carefully selected team of suppliers with a proven track record, enabling us to offer a wide range of manufacturing capabilities suited to small to medium batch sizes.

We can manufacture full working prototypes in short lead times. Prototypes are often invaluable for reviewing the design, gathering feedback, implementing changes and qualification testing.

Nu Perspectives operates a full ISO 9001:2008 accredited quality system.


Fluid Control

We have vast experience of designing and producing high pressure pneumatic systems. We are very proficient at developing complex manifold systems which eliminate more traditional piped connections helping to reduce overall size and dramatically improve reliability and serviceability. We are able to pressure test assemblies and components in-house in order to fully validate our designs.

Cryogenic Systems

Nu Perspectives specialises in the design of cryogenic systems, particularly for medical applications. We are experienced in designing liquid nitrogen based systems as well as systems which use the Joule Thomson effect of expanding high pressure gases through micro orifices. We understand how to design parts and assemblies which can withstand both extreme cold and high pressures.

Project Management

We are experienced project managers. No project ever runs quite as the original plan suggests it will and the real skill is in being able to get things back on track when things don't go entirely as intended. This comes from an understanding of why things went well (and badly) in the past. Good communication and honesty are useful allies.

Many of our projects have been collaborations with other organisations. Our flexibility and strong teamworking ethic means that we are able to help to manage the overall project effectively.

Pressure Testing

We are able to pneumatically pressure and leak test components and assemblies to 138 bar (2000 PSI) using Nitrogen gas. Our test equipment is fully calibrated to UKAS limits and we are able to supply fully traceable certificates for all testing.

We can design and manufacture the necessary tooling and test fixtures to allow objects to be tested in a controlled and safe manner.