Reverse engineering to create a new part for legacy cryosurgery probe

At Nu Perspectives we pride ourselves on having in-house manufacturing capability. This came to the fore, when a client approached us to supply a spare part for a legacy cryosurgery probe.

The part needed was no longer available from the original manufacturer, but our client was still using the probes. To add to the issue, they had their own customers who needed ongoing support with the same device.

The part required to fix the device was very bespoke and incorporated several different technologies and a variety of manufacturing processes. Hence, why they were struggling to find a replacement one.

Creating the part required experience in design, manufacture and outsourcing of machined parts, thermocouples, o ring seals, assembly, brazing, soldering and pressure testing – all of which we could help with.

It also needed to be designed so that it would always work with the existing parts. Therefore, we needed to give true consideration to tolerances.

We used Solidworks 3D CAD to reverse engineer the parts. We had the necessary in-house experience and technology to successfully design and manufacture this spare part for the client, enabling them to continue to support their customers.

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