In-house testing and repair for legacy cryogenic surgical product

At Nu Perspectives we have our own in-house testing and manufacturing facility, which means we are able to carry out tests and repairs on products directly ourselves, even if they are legacy systems.

Doctors from a hospital were still using an old legacy cryogenic surgical product. The device was still operational but they wanted the us to test and service the product, to make sure it was still working at its optimum.

It was an old product and was manufactured by a company that no longer existed. We took the surgical system to our premises and ran several tests, which revealed that, whilst it was still working, there were some faults.

We disassembled the product and found a split hose and several valve leaks. We completely cleaned out the whole system, replaced all the hoses and all the seals, as well as some springs, before putting it all back together.

After reassembly, and before returning it to the hospital, our team retested the equipment to make sure it was all working perfectly.

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