Expanding our in-house manufacturing and fabrication facilities

At Nu Perspectives we are continuously looking for new ways to improve the service we provide to our clients. We identified a need for expanding our in-house manufacturing facilities which would enable us to manufacture many existing, and new products, that we currently outsource.

Author: Louise Cuff   |   Date: 24th October 2019

The expansion of our facilities would be particularly beneficial to us with regards to the development of prototypes. Allowing us to manufacture full working prototypes, in-house, with significantly reduced lead-times, which is often critical to development projects.

To enable us to do this, we applied for a Lodden and Test grant. Our development project fits within the Loddon and Test Local Priority 2: Enabling and supporting new and existing rural enterprises and SMEs, while benefitting the rural economy and rural community. The grant funding ensures that other areas of continuous improvement within our business are not affected by this project, including areas such as expansion and improvements of our premises, recruitment and training and website development.

The grant would enable us to partition off a dedicated space within our premises, creating a room that will be fully enclosed and heated/cooled with an air source heat pump (AC). The facility will be used for the production of cryoprobes and for the manufacture of prototype parts and production tooling and will include a lathe, mill and drilling machine tools, vibratory tumbler for polishing, bead blasting cabinet for surface finishing, grinding and polishing machines and laser welder.

Gareth and I established Nu Perspectives Ltd in 2008. Prior to this we had worked together for many years in the field of cryosurgical product development. My own experience as a mechanical engineer lies in cryogenic product development, project management, mechanical design, technical training and the assembly and repair of cryogenic electro-mechanical devices. Gareth’s field of expertise lies in the development of cryosurgical products and most specifically in the area of pneumatic and cryogenic systems engineering. As a team we combine our love of cryogenics with electronics specialism and mechanical engineering.

Initially we started working from home, providing technical support for cryosurgical devices which we had previously designed. We approached other businesses in our area of expertise and acquired additional clients and as we expanded, we began to design new products for clients and produce prototypes.

As we moved onto larger design projects we quickly outgrew the small workshop we then leased. We required a much larger workshop and office facilities and looked for the ideal premises to set up home.

At that time, we started working very closely with one client and as our relationship developed, they began to outsource more work to us. At first the workload consisted of a small amount of production assembly work, but overtime it has significantly increased. Our client now completely outsources the entire manufacture of their cryosurgical probe range. They have also ceased any manufacture of this product line in house, which has resulted in further expansion of our premises and increased revenue.

The good news is that our application was successful, and we are now in the process of making our idea a reality and building our new in-house manufacturing/fabrication facilities, which we hope to have completed by February 2020. Wish us luck, it’s a huge task to undertake but we are prepared and ready and will keep you all posted.

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