Quick Release Probe Coupling System

One of our customers approached us to redesign the probe connection mechanism for their market leading ophthalmic cryosurgical system. Their requirement was for an intuitive, easy to operate mechanism for connecting and disconnecting a range of reusable and disposable cryosurgical probes to and from the control console. In addition to providing a simple, elegant and safe system they also wanted to reduce the manufacturing cost of the overall system. This would require a change to the coupling for reusable cryo probes and a completely new quick release connection mechanism for the console.


Nu Perspectives worked very closely with the customer in order to specify the exact functional requirements and cost reduction targets. This is a medical product so there were very specific safety and regulatory parameters within which we had to work. The customer was very clear that the re-design should simplify the product without impairing function, performance or reliability whilst maintaining or actually improving the customer perception of high quality. In many ways these requests would appear to be in conflict with each other, but imaginative and pragmatic design solutions have ensured all these needs have been met.


A simple and safe probe coupling mechanism for the control console was designed which worked within the existing space envelope which required no changes to the existing moulded enclosures. A new and simplified probe recognition system required small changes to the electronic system and control software. We collaborated with the customer to identify other potential cost saving opportunities which could be exploited either by design change, process simplification or other operational means.

This project resulted in the very successful evolution of a strategically important product to our customer, Keeler Ltd.