About Us

Nu Perspectives specialises in the design and manufacture of mechatronic systems.

We are a friendly, knowledgeable multidisciplinary team which adopts a holistic and agile approach to tackling engineering challenges. We can offer an extremely flexible service to cater for the varying needs of our customers, whether it be the complete development of a new product, modification of an existing design or the provision of a complete in-house manufacturing service.

Nu Perspectives was established in 2008 by co-founders Louise Cuff and Gareth Copping.


"Louise and I have worked together on and off  since 1995 on a variety of medical engineering projects. During this time we collaborated on a number of developments relating to cryosurgical devices. It was in this area, amongst others, that we quickly found common interests.

We always had a strong desire to eventually control our own destiny and to allow ourselves to work in the way that we wanted to rather than being constrained by business aspects that were beyond our control and which we perceived as preventing us from 'doing the job properly'. Nu Perspectives was the vehicle that ultimately allowed us to achieve this ambition.

Our initial design projects were, unsurprisingly, related to cryosurgery but as time has gone on we have increased our customer base and our portfolio includes product designs spanning a range of technologies and application areas. I specialise in electronics while Louise is a mechanical engineer. Over the years our individual expertise has blended and expanded allowing us to tackle complex design projects in-house. Our experience and knowledge means that we are particularly suited to developing electro-mechanical or mechatronic systems, but these can range from simple parts or mechanisms through to complicated microprocessor controlled medical devices.


Gareth Copping B.Sc. (Hons) Director & Electronics Engineer

Louise Cuff B.Eng. (Hons) Director & Mechanical Engineer



As time went on we expanded our business into small scale manufacturing. Firstly because our existing customers asked us to assemble products that we had designed and secondly because we regard this as completely complementary to our design service. The success of manufacturing or assembly projects often relies on an element of production engineering. We find it hard to separate design from manufacturing as they are so interdependent. How easily things can be made is always an important consideration during the design process and even the simplest manufacturing or assembly project can usually benefit from a bit of simple tooling or just proper organisation.

Building lasting partnerships is very important to us. Our customers keep coming back and we believe that this is because we do a consistently good job, but we also hope that it's because they like and respect us. Great designs are as much about people and good communication as technology.

We are passionate about what we do, striving to generate imaginative and reliable design solutions which meet customer expectations but at the same time we try to enjoy ourselves as much as possible. It's the balance of passion, skill and attention to detail that underpins everything that we do. At the end of the day if you strip everything else away we will still be left with our skill and integrity. I'm happy with that."


Nu Perspectives is based near Winchester in the heart of the Hampshire Downs.