Case Studies

Cryosurgical Probe Stems

Nu Perspectives specialises in the design and manufacture of cryosurgical probe tips for clinical applications ranging from ophthalmology to pain management.

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Quick Release Probe Coupling System

One of our customers approached us to redesign the probe connection mechanism for their market leading ophthalmic cryosurgical system. Their requirement was for an intuitive, easy to operate mechanism for connecting and disconnecting a range of reusable and disposable cryosurgical probes.

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Modular Pneumatic Control Systems

Nu Perspectives is experienced in the design and manufacture of modular control systems for various pneumatic applications for pressures ranging from just a few PSI to over 100 bar.

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Cryosurgical Device for Pain Management

We collaborated with one of our customers in the design and development of new device for cryotherapy and pain management. This project involved the combining of nerve stimulation and cryotherapeutic technologies within a single state of the art medical device. Nu Perspectives was responsible for developing an autonomous cryo module to be housed within the main enclosure and which could be controlled automatically from the main computer via a USB interface.

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High Power LED Flasher Controller

MAX16832 based, high current beacon flashing controller for emergency service vehicles. Fixed flash sequence with high reliability requirements.

Very simple design, low part count, low cost.